A set of management tools that help automate your business workflow processes efficiently, providing complete insight of any piece of information within your business.




Full-featured calendar that combines personal and public events, dynamic calendar types, events heat map, meeter greeter, ability to sync with mobile devices and more.

Data Sets

Define filters on the database and create dynamic sets of data for use with automation rules, communication groups and more.


Contracts and litigation cases management for efficient tracking of the company's legal activities with expiry and renewal notifications, involved parties, fees and expenses, related documents and more.


Advanced project management system based on Stanford's Advanced Project Management methodology, featuring a next generation Gantt chart, project templates with automatic task allocation, resource management as well as a smart project overview.


A business overview screen that collects important information from the business flow, daily activity, system activity and your team and displays necessary highlights for easier business management.


Fast and intuitive task manager with multi-assignment, drag & drop priorities, time tracking and team tasks overview.


Complete ticket management module with personal or centralized information, ticket types with automatic assignment to a user or group of users. List of non-assigned and resolved complaints as well as statistical information.


Efficiently manage your business operations with smart tools that let you be on top of every activity within your organization.




Instantly automate echo procedures via the automation app. Apply various rules to filter records, send automatic notifications, auto tag records, or generate-graph reports.


Next-generation dispatch management with real-time driver location, delivery information, smart prioritization, delivery zone management, vehicle availability and native mobile app Driver Assist for the drivers.


Track your drivers, sales force and users efficiently from their smartphone or tablet app. Easy navigation to contacts or addresses, list of all the planned meetings, vehicle management with fuel consumption and service history, historical location data and speed warnings.


Complete and easy to manage maintenance application, where the maintenance item and its type is registered, including the date, cost and maintenance status.


All the commercial modules for your business including client management, offers, order taking, invoicing and more




Complete clients management with contact details, financial transactions, orders, communication log, records log, financial details, related files, account details for giving direct access to echo as well as ability to communicate directly from within the app.


Intelligent sales forecast calculating past sales, manual forecast, marketing campaigns, events and weather to provide valuable information for adjusting your operations.


Complete leads/opportunities management with contact details, communication log, records log, financial details, related files, account details for giving direct access to echo as well as ability to communicate directly from within the app.

Orders Monitor

A full-screen view of the pending orders, with wait time, ease of use with keyboard, mouse or touch screen as well as ability to archive orders.


Next-generation cloud POS for cashiers, call center agents and servers. Features dynamic pricing, table management, order management and more.


Complete reseller management with contact information, commission details, transactions, orders, communication log, records log, financial details, related files, account details for giving direct access to echo as well as ability to communicate directly from within the app.


Complete reservation management system with the ability to book various reservation items in different locations as well as keep track of the reservation history log.


Client orders and offers management with full details, unlimited items, 1 click conversion from offer to order, from order to project and then to invoice and automatic or manual order statuses.


Dynamic management subscription tool with renewal options, details subscription plans for each client, buying and selling prices in different currencies for each subscription plan as well as if these subscriptions include other plans and notifications for subscriptions that are ready to expire.


All the necessary tools to help you manage your products & services, inventory, vendors, purchases and more




Automatic barcode printing upon product arrival at your stores or warehouses, based on your configuration.


Inventory management supporting multiple warehouses, low stock warnings and item/value totals per warehouse.


Complete management for products, services and their categories. Supports detailed information and description, multiple photos/videos, technical specifications, inventory, related products, automated shipping cost calculation based on weight, barcode and discounts.


Supplier orders with suggested items list based on minimum inventory set. Automated supplier collections and inventory update.

Raw Materials

Dynamic management of raw materials that are used for supplier orders or product compositions and recipes. Supports material types, default storage points, unit types and default buy and sell prices.


Complete suppliers management with contact details, raw materials, financial transactions, supplier orders, communication log, records log, financial details, related files, account details for giving direct access to echo as well as ability to communicate directly from within the app.


A broad set of marketing tools to promote your business




Monitor your competition by recording important business intelligence, monitor their pricing and display their locations to generate in-depth competitor reports.


Monitor your competition by recording important business intelligence, monitor their pricing and display their locations to generate in-depth competitor reports.


Management of multiple contests with duration, assigned gifts, list of participants, ability to declare winners and optional connectivity with contest facebook applications.


Collect visitor and client feedback from various sources including surveys, comments, reviews and complaints.


Manage the gifts for the contests and loyalty club as well as the gifts delivery to the winners.


Full coupon generation, import, export and management capabilities supporting recurring, one-off, one-off with scaled numbering and one-off coupons with import. Direct connection with your shopping basket and loyalty club.


Efficiently manage the rates and discounts of your products and services. Set special rates for specific customers, dates, delivery methods, distribution channels channels or delivery methods.


A wide collection of reports covering Sales, Clients, Products, Accounting, Content, System, Purchases, Workflow, Expenses, HR, Fleet and Marketing.


Management of multiple loyalty programs featuring accumulative or redeemable points, multiple levels, associated gifts as well as different points collection types.


Perform automated, transactional or bulk communication to your clients, vendors, resellers or employees, exploiting most of the available channels, from email to push notifications.



Communication Log

Detailed communication log with all the incoming and outgoing communication with ability to manually enter a record, categorization based on channel and playback functionality for recorded voicemails, video and VoIP calls.

Communications Templates

Management of multiple communication templates including Email, SMS and Voice (recorded or text-to-speech). Set the predefined sender channel, include dynamic fields and collect useful information of the automated communication.


Complete contacts and groups management with contact details, communication log, records log, financial details, related files and contacts, account details for giving direct access to echo as well as ability to communicate directly from within the app.


Integrated full featured email client supporting multiple IMAP accounts per user, folders, search functionality, email preview, show as list or thread and more.


Innovative cloud service that integrates 9 communication channels through a user-friendly application built into the Echo platform.


Exchange messages between users with threading and smart grouping with recipients and subjects as well as publish announcements to the platform or the B2B Portal for users, resellers, clients and vendors.


Easy and direct sending of email newsletters to multiple recipient groups supporting rich-text editor, media, sending log as well as export to CSV.

Push Notifications

Bulk sending and campaign management for push notifications to iOS and Android mobile devices targeting specific contact groups as well as support for rich-text announcements.


Easy and direct sending of SMS to multiple recipient groups supporting dynamic sender name, send log as well as export to CSV.


Next generation CMS tools to dynamically manage the content of your website or mobile application




Dynamic management of the website banners and slider images. Supports images via drag & drop, multiple zones, banners for affiliates or resellers as well as specific dates and times the banners will appear.

Digital Signage

Innovative digital signage system with centralized media management per monitor, days/times of appearance, priorities, easy media drag & drop functionality and support for all video and image formats.


Complete management of your files with multiple file upload and storage in different folders, simplified sharing functionality and drag & drop method for easy movement of the files within folders.


Dynamic creation and management of forms including web forms, surveys, data acquisition forms, customer profiling forms or employee tests.


Easy forum topic management with optional approval of the posted messages via the Administration application.

Knowledge Base

Create and edit notes by multiple users. Rich text editor for placing images and formatting text. Create and edit rich-text notes or utilize it as a Knowledge Base with instant search on the notes’ title and content.


Easy dynamic management of your pages with rich-text editor and drag and drop media as well as the navigation menus with unlimited categories and sub-categories.


Post/Article management with rich-text editor and drag and drop media functionality, dynamic post categorization with unlimited categories/subcategories, publishing options as well as meta tags.


All the necessary modules to efficiently manage your workforce.



Bank Holidays

Bank holidays and name days which can be seen optionally on the calendar (all or only the significant ones).


Collection and management of expenditures from multiple users with approval, receipt/invoice attachment and expenditure types.


Hourly and monthly payroll management including bonuses, shifts management and automatic update of the respective transactions and expenses.


Manage open job positions and gather candidate profiles directly from your website. Set each position’s criteria and then score your candidates, easily track interviews & CVs and automatically notify rejected candidates.


Easy management of your staff training, evaluation and scoring with training sessions, skills evaluation and scoring, training material, tests and certifications to efficiently optimize your teams and measure their performance.


Complete users management with full contact details and separate language for each user. Also features access levels management where each level has 5 different access types for each application’s tab.


Full-scale accounting solution with a set of tools to efficiently manage the accounting aspect of your business




Register your assets, set the depreciation rules and track your assets and their values.

Collections & Payments

Manual and automated transaction records including final, pending or future transactions, recurring income and expenses, attached files and cash flow projection.


Management of multiple currencies, exchange rates, exchange registry for transactions in foreign currency as well as exchange rate history.

General Ledger

Dynamic management of the accounting accounts together with accounting types management as well as value types that are affected upon each transaction.


A variety of configuration apps to give you full control of your system




Full management of the beacons to transmit messages or prompts directly to a smartphone or tablet.

Commercial Parameters

Dynamic management of all commercial parameters including invoice types, units of measurement, taxes, default general ledger accounts, order statuses, POS settings, order rejection reason as well as options for late & back orders.


Dynamic management of business locations such as stores, selling points, warehouses etc. together with the list of users who have access to each location.

Payment Methods

Payment methods management with availability options for eCommerce, automatic commission calculations and direct connection with ERP accounts.

Shipping Methods

Shipping methods pricelist management based on weight scale also featuring a separate pricelist for each geographical region.

System Settings

A collection of all the system settings in a single module. From date format and metric units to languages and labor options.

System Update

Perform system updates of the platform, applications or plugins with a single click.


Selection of theme for each user from 8 preinstalled themes. Each theme has 5 rotating high definition photos. Also, there is an option for creating a personalized theme by drag & drop uploading of photos.


Application for updating the translation texts of the website and echo for every available language. Supports search filter, categorization based on application and notification for texts that are possibly being updated by other users in real-time.


A set of extra tools and companions to extend your echo experience




Built-in API with full web service operations for bridging echo platform with third-party systems.

B2B Portal

Provide direct access to your clients, vendors and resellers through a B2B portal and share with them important information in real-time including invoices, files, announcements, tasks and many more.

Data Protection

Ability to efficiently manage consent and double opt-ins of all your contacts, features a detailed log of all activity surrounding private data, includes a set of tools to mask, deliver or delete private data and more.


Detailed guide for the platform and the applications with text, screenshots and video as well as an iPad interactive manual.


Instantly buy and install new applications, see the installed ones, buy additional iProject services, buy Gateway credits or extend your echo subscription directly from within the application.


Dynamic management of tags which can be applied on all system records.


Recovery or permanent deletion of the deleted records that are stored safely in the trash. The recovery or permanent deletion can be done individually or in bulk.

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